SPM 2.0
Sales Performance Management (SPM) is a synergy of
people, processes and technologies that enable your
sales force to generate new customers and revenue.

But, sales isn’t just about getting new business. In
every industry and market, selling is a tactic of the
core customer Service strategy. Getting, and keeping,
customers and their business, and doing so cost-
effectively, remains the key to sustained competitive
advantage. SPM 2.0 is Sales, Service and Relationship
Performance Management.

With decades of experience in SPM, Strategix is the
only provider that can take you to the next higher
level of success in sales, service and relationship
performance management and rewards. Learn More

Incentives Everywhere™
Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) is
automation of workforce variable compensation
programs, typically just in sales force organizations.
But, the sales force isn’t the only organization that
needs to execute strategy, perform and achieve goals.

Strategix is the only ICM solution provider that can
automate any workforce, customer, or partner variable
compensation program, for any performance metrics,
with any set of source data, for any hierarchy and
organization, for any timeframes, in any combinations:
Incentives Everywhere™.

Since 1983, Strategix has automated thousands of
variable compensation plans. Count on our expertise
and experience for your ICM needs. Learn More

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