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Configures & Deploys Complex Multi-Metric Employee Incentive Commission Plan In Single Day

Irvine, CA - October 15, 2006 - Strategix Performance, Inc., one of the world’s leading innovators and providers of automated employee performance management (EPM), incentive compensation management (ICM), and enterprise incentive management (EIM) solutions and services, announced an unprecedented incentive automation system implementation benchmark.

The Challenge

“Along with multiple other ICM and EIM software vendors, Strategix was challenged by one of the nation’s largest financial service institutions to demonstrate the functionality of one of their most complex employee incentive plans. The plan involved eight major dimensions, with nearly forty variables, over sixty KPI/metrics, a half-dozen data sources, and hundreds of thousands of potential calculation outcomes,” said Peter Djokovich, managing director of Strategix. “The dimensions of their plan included individual and team sales volume and quantities, derived revenues and points, service and quality performance, and multiple value matrix tiering on each of the dimensions.”

“We asked the institution when they’d like to view our on-screen System demonstration of our configuration of their plan and the resulting scorecards, ranking, audit, and payroll extract reports. They told us that the other competitive vendors had requested between two and three weeks to complete the challenge,” said Deborah Cataldo, senior vice president of sales at Strategix.

“Our StrategixEPM™ system is the longest-provided and most powerful employee incentive automation solution in the world. It has been built to be extraordinarily flexible and fast to configure, able to accommodate not just sales production and management, but an unlimited range of incentive plans for all performance dimensions. And, the reporting is robust, and automatic based on plan configuration. So, we were very confident of our ability to shine in this challenge,” added Copic.

The Execution

“Once we all received the plan documentation and sample data from the institution via e-mail, on a Tuesday morning, one individual each from the Strategix incentive configuration and system implementation teams began their work. Within two hours, they had read the plan documentation, and by lunchtime they’d drafted out the list of metrics and incentive methods that would calculate and report the plan; our system has over three hundred pre-defined metrics and methods to choose from and use,” explained Djokovich. “After lunch, working within StrategixEPM™, in two hours one member of our non-programmer client support team had configured all sixty-plus required KPI/metrics, including automatic report formatting, and a member of our database administration team had imported the sample source data into StrategixEPM™. For the following two hours source data was validated, incentive calculations were verified, and sample reports were generated.”

“By 6:00pm of the same day we’d received the plan documentation and sample source data, about nine hours later, we were all done. We’d successfully and perfectly implemented a very complex and multi-dimensional incentive plan; one that the institution told us later was ‘by far the most complicated of all our plans’,” added Djokovich. “And, this wasn’t just a ‘demo’, StrategixEPM™ was full-production ready: if the institution had provided us the actual source data and participant list, we could’ve produced their full incentive report set the very next day.”

“When we called the institution the next morning, they asked us what questions we had. When we said we had none, and were fully ready to demonstrate our implementation of their plan and reports, they were absolutely stunned,” reported Cataldo. “I was told that even though all challengers had been given time to line up their teams and resources, the other vendors had told the institution that it would take at least two weeks to be ready just to demonstrate,” added Djokovich. “In one case, the institution told us that another competitor would require eighty hours of programmer-level consultant time just to ‘write the rules to generate the results’, before any data or report testing would even begin.

“As far as we were told, no other vendor came remotely close to our implementation benchmark, ” added Copic.

StrategixEPM™: Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Easy

“With hundreds of client organizations served in two-plus decades, thousands of incentive plans automated, tens of thousand scorecard reports defined, and many millions of incentive reports produced, we’ve built StrategixEPM™ from the ‘ground up’ to be extraordinarily powerful for source data consolidation, incentive plan configuration, and report generation and distribution. We knew we’d be able to succeed very strongly in the challenge versus the competition,” said Cataldo.

Djokovich concluded, “this performance is a typical example of how fast and easy incentive plan and performance reporting automation is with StrategixEPM™. The System itself automates scores of tasks others have to do manually, and our experience of implementing thousands of diverse plans over the years is literally built right into its code and functionality. That speed and ease-of-use translates into much lower implementation and ongoing administrative costs, more adaptable and effective incentive plans, and much greater overall incentive plan and performance management success.”

About Strategix Performance, Inc.

Strategix Performance, Inc., develops, implements and provides automated employee performance management, incentive compensation management, and scorecard and dashboard reporting systems; as well as supporting implementation and consulting services. Strategix is a privately-held corporation that has served over 400 organizations since 1983.
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