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Adds Hosted "SaaS" Services, Managed Services & Special Project Services To Optimize Client Cost & Usage Priorities

Irvine, CA - June 1, 2008 - Strategix Performance, Inc., one of the world’s leading creators and providers of automated sales and performance management (SPM), and enterprise incentive compensation management (ICM) solutions and services, announced an expansion of its service deployment options available to the marketplace.

“Strategix’s unparalleled longevity and experience in incentive automation and employee performance management solutions is now enabled by an unmatched range of choices for how to use these powerful tools,” said Peter Djokovich, managing director of Strategix. “Our Systems are extraordinarily fast to implement, can automate any and all incentive plans, and are reliable and easy-to-use. The marketplace wants the full range of choices to automate incentives.”

“Since 1983, we’ve provided our solutions in Full-Service Outsource mode, where we both host our software, house the servers, and provide day-to-day application administration and management. And, since the late 80’s, we’ve provided the End-User License option, where our clients host, house and administer everything themselves,” explained Danila Copic, senior vice president of marketing at Strategix. “Now, we’re also providing three variations on those options.”

Hosted "SaaS" Services

“Our new Hosted Services option let’s our Full-Service Outsource clients have full access to the administrative functions of our System. Strategix hosts and manages the servers and software in our SAS-70 audited data center, but the client-side administrators and compensation analysts have full use of the management functionalities of our software to administer source data, scorecard and incentive plan definitions, employee and organization hierarchies, user security roles, and all of the other powerful functionalities of our systems,” added Copic.

Hosted Services is for organizations with Software As A Service (SaaS) preferences, providing server housing, hosting, and software implementation by Strategix, with day-to-day System administration and use by client end-user administrators,” said Djokovich.

Managed Services

“Our new Managed Services option is the flip side, and let’s our End-User License clients take advantage of the stability, reliability and expertise of our Strategix client service application administrators. The client hosts and manages the servers and software within their own data centers, but Strategix client services personnel have secure remote access to the System to assist and provide all of the day-to-day administrative and production support the client needs,” said Copic.

“For organizations with business process outsourcing preferences but the desire to retain their data in-house, Managed Services provides day-to-day application administration and use conducted by Strategix administrator personnel, with housing, hosting, software implementation and data storage by client end-user. This also provides our End-User clients with a perpetual, reliable and expert ‘back-up’ if they have temporary internal incentive staff gaps,” added Djokovich.

Special Project Services

“Since last year we’ve been providing our Direct Services option for organizations that want performance tracking and incentive reports printed or e-mailed on a periodic basis, without the cost and overhead of an on-line intranet-based reporting system. This options takes full advantage of the extraordinary power of our System, but is cost-optimal,” said Djokovich.

“Now, because of the very fast implementation timelines of our new System version, days and weeks not months, we are offering a Special Project Service, where our clients can have one or many of even the most complex employee incentive plans fully-automated. Strategix consolidates all source data, enables intranet access to that source data for auditing and dispute resolution, processes all incentive calculations, generates on-screen scorecard, ranking and audit reports, and then generates payroll and HRIS system extracts, all without having to enter into fixed-term usage commitment,” explained Copic.

“This is ideal for organizations with many participants with quarterly, semi-annual or year-end employee incentive plans, or that have one-time incentive calculation and report production needs, that don’t want to enable a permanent or dedicated incentive management infrastructure. It is also ideal for organizations that want to relieve themselves of fragile and unreliable spreadsheet-based solutions, but aren’t ready to commit to a permanent dedicated automation toolset. And, it saves them money,” added Djokovich.

About Strategix Performance, Inc.

Strategix Performance, Inc., develops, implements and provides automated sales and performance incentive compensation management, and scorecard and dashboard reporting systems; as well as supporting implementation and consulting services. Strategix is a privately-held corporation that has served over 400 organizations since 1983. An experienced team of professionals with an unparalleled range of expertise leads the success of the company, which is evidenced by the firm's unique longevity in the market. Strategix Performance is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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