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Built To Enable Service Provider, Talent Management, PEOs, Industry Experts & Consultants To
Private-Brand & Provide Incentive Plan & Scorecard Automation To Their Clients

Irvine, CA - March 1, 2007 - Strategix Performance, Inc., one of the world’s leading creators and providers of automated sales and performance incentive compensation management (ICM), and variable compensation management (VCM) solutions and services, announced an innovative private-branding program for its flagship StrategixEPM™ solution.

StrategixEPM™ is the longest-provided and most powerful employee incentive automation solution in the world. It has been built to be extraordinarily flexible and fast to configure, able to accommodate not just sales production and management, but an unlimited range of incentive plans for all performance dimensions. And, its reporting is robust and automatic based on plan configuration; millions of employees have used the system over the years,” said Danila Copic, senior vice president of marketing at Strategix.

Copic added, “Strategix Performance is an unparalleled expert in performance management and incentive automation systems and services, and also in selected industry verticals. Yet there are many experts and providers in other market segments with unique and specialized expertise and experience that no ICM/EIM vendor could or will ever match.”

Private-Branding Powerful Performance Solution

“The Strategix Private Label Program has been built to enable those market vertical or segment experts who need an extraordinarily powerful, infinitely flexible employee incentive plan calculation, management, and scorecard/dashboard reporting solution to call their own; to private-brand, offer and provide the solution to their clients as a performance-improving, revenue-generating service,” explained Peter Djokovich, managing director at Strategix.

StrategixEPM™ can be configured to any business or organizational environment, of any size, with unlimited data sources, for virtually any performance measurement and improvement initiative. Private labeling is a substantial opportunity for core system, ERP, accounting, business intelligence, HRIS and talent management system providers; management consultants and advisors in sales, human capital and incentive compensation; system integrators; training organizations; franchisors; service providers; PEO's, accounting firms, and others,” added Copic.

Djokovich added, “Strategix can further leverage delivery and ongoing support services through its experienced Full-Service Outsourcing, Managed Services and Hosted (SaaS) Services deployment options. We can provide any degree of behind-the-scenes system and application management, and front-office customer service support and infrastructure our Private Label partners would need, minimizing if not eliminating any up-front ongoing operating overhead they might otherwise have.”

“Now, because of the extraordinary flexibility of the System, and its very fast implementation timelines, weeks not months, the clients of our Private Label partners can have one or many of even the most complex employee incentive plans fully-automated. StrategixEPM™ consolidates all source data, enables intranet access to that source data for auditing and dispute resolution, processes all incentive calculations, generates employee- and business unit-specific on-screen scorecard, ranking and audit reports, and then generates payroll and HRIS system extracts,” said Copic.

Interested parties should contact Danila Copic at “”, or your Strategix Client Services representative.

About Strategix Performance, Inc.

Strategix Performance, Inc., develops, implements and provides automated sales and performance incentive compensation management, and scorecard and dashboard reporting systems; as well as supporting implementation and consulting services. Strategix is a privately-held corporation that has served over 400 organizations since 1983. An experienced team of professionals with an unparalleled range of expertise leads the success of the company, which is evidenced by the firm's unique longevity in the market. Strategix Performance is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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