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Enterprise-Class Employee Incentive Automation Provided As Service Delivers High-Value, Fast Deployment, No Software

Irvine, CA - October 1, 2005 - Strategix Performance, Inc., a leading provider of automated employee sales and performance (SPM) and incentive compensation management (ICM) enterprise and ASP systems and services, announced new and enhanced functionality with release of Performance Manager Direct™.

Designed for small/medium and cost-conscious organizations, Performance Manager Direct™ is a low-cost, high-value, fast-deployment employee incentive automation and performance tracking/reporting Service. The Service makes full use of Strategix Performance Manager™ one of the most-used and powerful incentive automation and performance tracking systems in the world, thereby enabling an unparalleled range of employee and business unit performance metrics, goals, objectives, targets, quotas, and related recognition and incentive compensation pay-outs.

“Now, organizations of any size, anywhere in the world, can improve employee performance recognition and incentives, and drive improved results. Performance Manager Direct™ lets organizations fully automate their employee performance incentive plans and reporting, without having to buy and install customized software, or support un-auditable home-grown manual solutions,” said Peter Djokovich, chief executive officer at Strategix.

“It’s simple. Each period, the end-user submits the source data that provides the basis for their sales and service incentives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Soon thereafter, Performance Manager Direct™ delivers performance results as imaged reports, or as spreadsheet or database files for their own internal analysis,” said Danila Copic, senior vice president of marketing at Strategix, “and, for our client’s convenience and security, all original source data and reports are transmitted to/from our highly-secure, SAS-70 audited Strategix FTP site and ASP facility.”

Performance Manager Direct™ Reports include (Employee, Office/Unit up to Enterprise Total):
  • Performance Scorecard – KPIs and Incentive Plan Calculations; an ideal employee coaching resource
  • Ranking Report – Rank all Employees by KPIs; use to enhance internal sales and service programs
  • Incentive Summary Report – Submit to Payroll to generate incentive payments; eliminate manual input
  • Products Sold Summary – Quantity and Volumes by Product; see what is selling and what isn’t
  • Sales and Performance Factor Audits – Lists of Source Data transactions for audit and documentation

“All of this for less than what it would cost to do it manually or by spreadsheet; and, with greater speed, accuracy, reliability, and auditability. I look forward to sharing with organizations how Strategix clients are achieving dramatic performance improvements and increasing sales, revenue, customer and employee retention, and ROI using Performance Manager™,” added Copic.

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Strategix Performance, Inc., develops and implements automated employee performance, and incentive/commission compensation automation systems. Strategix is a privately-held corporation that has served over 400 companies throughout the United States since 1983.
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