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Real-Time Integration and Reporting of Performance Metrics, Goals, Scorecards and Incentive Compensation
Results Stimulates Employee Participation, Accelerates Strategy Execution, Boosts Results, and Improves ROI

Irvine, CA - January 1, 2006 - Strategix Performance, Inc., one of the world’s leading innovators and providers of automated employee sales and performance management (SPM) and incentive compensation management (ICM) systems and services, announced enhanced functionality with release of Strategix Performance Manager™ Version 9.5.

In ongoing development and enhancement since 1983, Strategix Performance Manager™ enables an unparalleled range of employee and business unit performance metrics, goals, objectives, targets, quotas, and related recognition and incentive compensation pay-out methods. And, it delivers results real-time through a virtually limitless range of pre-defined and parameter-driven on-screen output reports.

Unique System Functionalities Enable Performance Improvements

Strategix’s Performance Manager™ Version 9.5, provides comprehensive SPM / ICM and Employee Relationship Management (ERM) functionalities, fully-automating goal-setting, tracking and measurement, reporting, and incentive program administration for sales and revenue production, referrals, service, relationship portfolio profitability, quality and accuracy, productivity and efficiency, cost management, performance ratings, and project-to-completion.

"The key business benefit is that organizations can automate performance planning and real-time tracking and management of results, with extreme precision and at a velocity that keeps pace with what their business demands, for pennies, not dollars, per employee per day. Many users pay for the entire System within the first 3-4 months," said Danila Copic, senior vice president of marketing at Strategix.

"By connecting with user core/host source data and other disparate systems, with Performance Manager™ organizations can establish and cost-effectively manage a virtually infinite range of comprehensive employee, business unit and enterprise-wide performance goals, and fully integrate multiple performance incentive programs tied directly to mission-critical business objectives," said Peter Djokovich, president and CEO of Strategix.

Performance Manager™ Version 9.5 functionality enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Employee Performance Profiling: Field managers now have expanded capabilities to monitor up-to-the-moment changes in employee status, including metric/goal assignments, performance plans, training histories, coaching logs, performance evaluations, user security rights, and specific performance results. Powerful "Forms & Documents" enables users to pre-define custom forms for storage of key user-specific information.

  • More Powerful Reporting: Fully customizable individual employee and business unit automated Performance Scorecards, dynamically linked to unlimited back-office source data systems, provides real-time integration of staff-level performance activity execution with manager-level performance assessment, evaluation, coaching, and planning. Includes a full range of graphic and "executive dashboard" reporting.

  • Expanded Incentive Compensation Capabilities: Including new relationship-portfolio-based and multi-level "manager override" incentive methods. The System’s unique "parameter-based" structure enables a virtually limitless range of incentive and recognition pay-out methods, at all organizational levels, for both front- and back-office personnel, in mixed combinations of goals, pay-outs, timing, and individual vs. team distributions.

  • Improved Business Activity/Process Management: Fully internet-browser-based Advanced Reports functionality delivers secure user-designed parameter-driven paperless reporting, in industry-standard Adobe Acrobat Reader© PDF formats. The System now provides over 150 included report templates.
"Companies have been struggling for years, and on the whole have spent billions of dollars, trying to make CRM and other business strategies work, and achieve ROI, using fragmented and often manual tools for employee performance management, automated incentives, and performance reporting," added Copic. "Performance Manager™, proven today at thousands of sites nationwide, across tens of thousands of users, solves this challenge because it unifies all of the elements needed to enable employees to perform, and managers to lead, all the way up and throughout the hierarchy."

Zero-Footprint Web-Based Deployment Enables Rapid Implementation and Universal Use

Recognizing that a critical key to success in SPM and ICM is universal enterprise-wide deployment, access and use of these capabilities, Version 9.5 continues its innovative use, first pioneered in Version 7, of true internet web browser-based architecture.

In 1998, Strategix was one of the very first to complete development of its software applications based on this so-called "zero-footprint" web architecture. This approach provides for full System use with workstation installation of only industry-standard web browser programs such as Internet Explorer, and optionally Adobe Acrobat Reader© for custom reporting; where no other software application is required to be installed to make Performance Manager™ fully functional.

"Companies want to improve employee performance, increase customer relationship profitability, execute their strategies, accomplish their goals, and achieve their ROI targets, and Performance Manager™ tangibly helps them do it," said Djokovich.

"The web-based architecture lets Users rapidly and universally deploy these critical solutions, and do so with a very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). And, since the web-based Performance Manager™ functionalities are so easy to use, user training is fast, and user acceptance very high," said Copic.

Performance Manager™ Version 9.5 is delivered in either End-User License deployment, or via Strategix’s hosted Full-Service Outsource implementation.

About Strategix Performance, Inc.

Strategix Performance, Inc., develops and implements automated employee performance, and incentive/commission compensation automation systems. Strategix is a privately-held corporation that has served over 400 companies throughout the United States since 1983.
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