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Metric & Incentive Calculation, Data Aggregation, Forecasting & Reporting Enhancements Extends Sales and Performance Incentive Compensation Management Leadership

Irvine, CA - October 1, 2008 - Strategix Performance, Inc., one of the world’s leading creators and providers of automated sales and performance management (SPM), and enterprise incentive compensation management (ICM) solutions and services, announced new and enhanced functionality with release of StrategixEPMPerformance Manager™ Version 9.6.

In ongoing development and enhancement since 1983, longer than any other provider world-wide, StrategixEPM™ enables an unparalleled range of source data aggregation and administration, incentive compensation and performance scorecard automation, and end-user reporting and data export capabilities.

Functionality Enhancements

”Building on the unmatched functional power of its precursors, Version 9.6 was built to be faster to implement, faster to administer and adapt, and even easier to use. Bottom-line, this will save our clients time and money, and improve and accelerate the information they get from the System to run their businesses and achieve their goals,” said Peter Djokovich, managing director at Strategix.

StrategixEPMPerformance Manager™ Version 9.6 functionality includes additional enhancements to:
  • Source data reject management;
  • Performance scorecard and incentive plan definition and management;
  • Balanced scorecard alignment;
  • Incentive pay-out definition and calculation methods;
  • “What-If” incentive plan/scorecard scenario testing, forecasting and reporting;
  • End-user report definition and personalization (“My Reports”);
  • End-user report data extracts to multiple export formats (Excel, TXT, PDF, et. al.);
  • Enhanced multi-currency capabilities;
  • Enhanced end-user discrepancy dispute resolution capabilities; and
  • Enhanced private-label internal-branding capabilities.
“Competitive SPM/ICM solutions, and spreadsheet-, home-grown database-, talent management-, and business intelligence-based incentive calculation and reporting solutions simply cannot compete with the price/TCO, functionality, performance and ROI provided by StrategixEPM™,” said Djokovich.

Fast Implementation

“Because of the true automation of all of the core functionalities of our solution, no time-consuming and very costly configuration and ‘rules’ programming is required. The user administrator selects from an unparalleled range of pre-defined incentive calculation, scorecard, metric/KPI, system configuration, user security, and reporting options,” said Deborah Cataldo, senior vice president of sales at Strategix. “Source data is integrated through point-and-click, drag-and-drop configuration, which validates and normalizes multi-source data for import into the System,” added Cataldo.

“This past year Strategix participated in an implementation time-frame challenge, where we and other ICM/EIM and business intelligence vendors were asked to prototype a complex multi-dimension employee incentive commission plan, for a single business unit. It involved a half-dozen data sources, nearly forty variables, and over sixty metric/KPIs. It was this nationwide corporation's most complex sales incentive plan. We were provided the source data in Excel spreadsheets, database files and Word documents. We completed full configuration, not just a demo version, but report production-ready, in one day,” said Djokovich.

“The next nearest competitor took over two weeks to complete the challenge,” added Danila Copic, senior vice president of marketing at Strategix. “So, for organizations with ready source data, and solid pre-definition of their incentive plans, scorecards, and organization and product hierarchies, our implementations are matters of weeks, not months as with other alternatives, depending of course on how many incentive plans they need to automate.”

“At a hands-on, real-world level, with Version 9.6, this means that initial and future scorecard and incentive plan implementations are faster and more accurate than the alternatives. And, that translates to lower costs, faster adoption, accelerated impact on performance improvements, and rapid ROI,” added Cataldo.

Ease of Use

“Version 9.6 extends the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from enabling millions of employees at tens of thousands of sites, and raises the standard on ease of use. With a single click from their StrategixEPM™ home page, end-users can instantly view their incentive performance scorecard report, and a wide range of supporting summary, audit, ranking, trend, dashboard, validation and analysis reports. Or, they can create file exports of that information for external analysis or report creation. And, end-users can view on-screen and drill-down to the source data that their incentives are derived from, and submit dispute resolution requests to correct discrepancies,” explained Copic.

StrategixEPMPerformance Manager™ Version 9.6 administrators can easily mass-administer an unlimited range of scorecards, KPIs and incentive compensation methods. Practically, this means that organizations—even the largest— can design, enable and support extraordinarily powerful performance management and improvement initiatives without excess labor, infrastructure and overhead expenses,” said Djokovich. “We have many examples of our clients using one-fourth to one-sixth the resources of competitive alternatives to enable the same plans and programs. And, the end-user experience is more robust and pleasant.”

StrategixEPMPerformance Manager™ Version 9.6 is provided in six deployment options, tailored to the resource, cost, and functional requirements of the end-user enterprise:
  • Full-Service Outsource
  • Managed Services
  • Hosted Services (SaaS)
  • End-User License
  • Direct Service
  • Special Project Service
For more information, contact Danila Copic at “”, or your Strategix Client Services representative.

About Strategix Performance, Inc.

Strategix Performance, Inc., develops, implements and provides automated sales and performance incentive compensation management, and scorecard and dashboard reporting systems; as well as supporting implementation and consulting services. Strategix is a privately-held corporation that has served over 400 organizations since 1983. An experienced team of professionals with an unparalleled range of expertise leads the success of the company, which is evidenced by the firm's unique longevity in the market. Strategix Performance is headquartered in Irvine, CA.
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