Direct Services
Full-Service, No Software, Project-specific Incentive Calculation & Reporting

For organizations with periodic, or one-time, incentive plan automation needs without the desire to acquire and deploy a full-scale solution, StrategixEPMDirect Services is a low-cost, high-value, fast-deployment incentive compensation automation and performance tracking/reporting Service.

The Service is based upon and makes full use of StrategixEPM, one of the most-used and powerful incentive automation and performance tracking systems in the world. This enables an unparalleled range of workforce and business unit performance metrics, goals, objectives, targets, quotas, and related recognition and incentive compensation pay-outs.

“Our variable compensation plans have over 15,000 participants, but only pay out mid-year and year-end. We can’t cost-justify a full incentive automation system acquisition. But, it is now impossible to support our wide range of plans with in-house spreadsheets or business intelligence tools. The Strategix Direct Services solution solves the problem.”
Director, Compensation Management

Direct Services is an ideal solution for periodic quarterly, semi-annual and annual incentive plan reporting. Direct Services lets organizations fully automate their workforce performance incentive plans and reporting, without having to buy and install custom-configured software, or support un-auditable or over-worked home-grown spreadsheet or database solutions.

For each incentive period, the client submits the source data required as the basis for their sales, service, productivity, stock-option, profit-sharing, merit-pay and other incentives, Scorecards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Soon thereafter, StrategixEPM™ Direct delivers performance results as imaged (PDF or other) reports, or as spreadsheet or database files for the end-user’s own internal analysis and distribution. And, for the end-user’s convenience and security, all original source data and reports are transmitted to/from our highly-secure, SAS-70 audited Strategix FTP site and SaaS/ASP facility.

StrategixEPM™ Direct Service reports include (from Participant, Business Unit up to Enterprise Total):
  • Performance Scorecard: KPIs and Incentive Plan Calculations; an ideal workforce coaching resource
  • Ranking Reports: Rank all Participants by KPIs; use to enhance internal sales and service programs
  • Incentive Summary Reports: Submit to Payroll to generate incentive payments; eliminate manual input
  • Products Sold Summary Reports: Quantity and Volumes by Product; see what is selling and what isn’t
  • Sales and Performance Factor Audits: Lists of Source Data transactions for audit and documentation

Strategix Direct Services is ideal for organizations of any size with:
  • quarterly, semi-annual, or annual incentive compensation plan automation needs
  • monthly incentive plans, with the need to receive only month-end reporting (no web-based on-line report needs)
  • the desire to “test-drive” Strategix solutions before full implementation

Strategix Performance is a pioneer and leader in incentive automation and performance management solutions. We’ve provided our services to thousands of sites at hundreds of organizations over more than two decades.

For information on StrategixEPMDirect Services capabilities, please contact us.
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