Special Projects
For One-time Incentive Plan Production, & Plan Scenario Prototyping & Testing

If your organization is an incentive compensation, performance management, human resource, compensation/benefits, or other variable compensation consulting firm or support enterprise, and you need an extraordinarily powerful and fast automated scorecard and incentive calculation toolset, StrategixEPM™ Special Projects is an ideal solution.

The Service is based upon full use of StrategixEPM, one of the most-used and powerful variable compensation incentive automation and performance tracking systems in the world. This enables an unparalleled range of participant and business unit performance metrics, goals, objectives, targets, quotas, and related recognition and compensation pay-outs; for sales, service, equity, profit-sharing, profitability, productivity, quality, accuracy, and more.

Special Projects is also an ideal solution for one-time incentive, bonus or reward plan calculation and reporting. And, can include some or all of the entire range of StrategixEPMreporting, including:
  • Performance Scorecards: KPIs and Incentive Plan Calculations, participants up through enterprise
  • Ranking Reports: Rank all participants by KPIs/Metrics and incentive pay-out results
  • Incentive Summary Reports: Consolidate results for scenario analysis and testing
  • Data Extract Exports: For special outside data analytics, plan administration and payroll system upload feeds

“We need a dedicated tool-set for very quickly creating, modifying and prototyping dozens of workforce incentive plans and scorecards. Spreadsheets, databases and business intelligence tools, though powerful, are far too inflexible, slow, broad and generalized to be practically useful. StrategixEPM™ will do it for us, at a huge savings over prior alternatives.”
Chief Executive Officer
Equity Compensation Consultants

StrategixEPM™ Special Projects is fully-supported by Strategix’s unmatched subject-matter expertise, and is tailored to:
  • Variable and incentive compensation plan design and development consultants
  • Internal human resource and compensation/benefit groups with special incentive production requirements
  • Workforce, customer and channel partner variable compensation plans: any data, any timeframes, any plans
  • Organizations requiring one-time incentive compensation plan prototyping or production processing

Strategix Performance is a pioneer and leader in variable compensation and incentive automation and performance management solutions. We’ve assisted in the automation of thousands of compensation plans and tens of thousands of performance scorecards, and we’ve provided our services to thousands of sites at hundreds of organizations over more than two decades.

For information on StrategixEPMSpecial Projects capabilities, please contact us.
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