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Workforce Performance Management Process Implementation Program
…Best-of-Breed Process Fully-Aligned With Best-of-Breed Technology

Your workforce wants to succeed. Employees want to achieve, customers want to be satisfied, stakeholders want ROI. So, how do you make it happen?

Successful enterprises do so by ensuring that their workforce is consistently and systematically doing the right things, the right way, to serve customers and increase organization value. Doing the right thing means creating and implementing the right Business Processes: How people do What you want them to do.

For nearly a quarter century, thousands of business units across hundreds of organizations have utilized Strategix’s unique experience and expertise to define, deploy, and execute pragmatic performance improvement strategies and tactics to achieve and surpass expectations. Not just to survive, but to thrive. Not just in theory, but in practice.

Partnering with its clients in the implementation of thousands of unique performance management and incentive automation programs, Strategix has developed an innovative, powerful, and real-world proven approach to making EPM and incentives work.

Our EPM Accelerator™ solution is a sensible, realistic, step-by-step approach to align technology to business processes, business processes to employees, and performance management and incentives to goals and objectives. The Strategix EPM Accelerator™ Program includes:
  • ROI and Readiness Assessment
  • Develop and Validate Goals and Objectives
  • Align Organization Structure to Optimize Results
  • Define and Document Performance Business Processes
  • HR Strategy Review: Recruiting, New Employee Orientation, Compensation, Career Pathing, Retention
  • Integrate Training and Development
  • Establish Performance Standards and Goals
  • Train and Enable Performance Coaching
  • Define Enabling Incentive Automation, Performance Management, and Sales/Service Technologies
  • Align and Validate Process/Technology Integration
  • Evaluate and Enhance Reward & Recognition Plans
  • Incentive Compensation and Recognition Plan Design and Development

The EPM Accelerator™ Program help companies integrate and execute their Employee Performance Management and Sales and Service vision and strategies, using proven process and best practices aligned to Strategix Performance software systems. This makes Strategix the only provider to seamlessly integrate best-of-breed process with best-of-breed technology.

For information on the Strategix EPM Accelerator™ Program, contact us.
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