Incentive Plan Management
Trusted-Advisor Expertise For Incentive Administration

The success of workforce incentive and commission plans depends on comprehensive knowledge and management of the processes, resources, workflows, and outcomes that encompass Variable and Incentive Compensation plans.

Based on an unparalleled 25+ years of experience, longer than any provider in the industry, and a seasoned team of trusted-advisor experts, Strategix provides a complete range of variable and incentive compensation plan management services. And, because of the unmatched power of the StrategixEPM software solution, plan management is timely, accurate, robust, and cost-effective:
  • Plan Development, Prototyping, and Piloting
  • Plan Documentation
  • Source Data Integration – Data Feeds and Data Flows
  • Exception Data Resolution Management
  • Participant / Employee Participant Management
  • Organization Hierarchy Management
  • User Security Role Management
  • Performance Scorecard Management
  • Metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Management
  • Goal, Quota and Objectives Management
  • Points, Credits, Revenue, and Value Measure Management
  • Individuals, Team, and Override Earnings Calculations
  • Payment and Payout Rules Management
  • Payroll System Integration Management
  • Administrator Real-time On-line Reporting Access Management
  • Employee and Manager Real-time On-line Reporting Access Management
  • Special Report and Data Export Management
  • Incentive Result Dispute Resolution, Documentation, and Reporting
  • Audit Compliance Validation Support

The Value and Benefits of Strategix Incentive Plan Management:
  • One of the most powerful systems in the business,
  • Administered by the most experienced team in the business.
  • Continuity, reliability, and expertise: thousands of plans implemented.
  • Fastest implementation and deployment.
  • Field-proven best-of-breed processes, resources, and workflows.

For information on Strategix Incentive Plan Management services, contact us.
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