Total Performance Intelligence™
Sales, Service, Performance & Variable Compensation Management

The StrategixEPM™ System is a fully-automated data-aggregation, metric-definition, goal-setting,
calculation, forecasting, participant and reporting administration solution for:
  • Workforce, employees, representatives, business units, customers, and partners
  • Sales, opportunity management, revenue production, and sales management
  • Referrals, referral-to-sales, and referral productivity
  • Marketing campaign management productivity
  • Service, service levels, time-to-resolution, and service management
  • Relationship portfolio profitability, customer satisfaction, and customer retention
  • Asset quality, service quality, and accuracy
  • Productivity, yield, output, and efficiency
  • Cost management and unit profitability
  • Performance ratings, competencies, training, and project-to-completion
  • Manager overrides: at all hierarchy levels
  • Equity compensation programs
  • Merit Pay programs: individual and group
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Special Performance Incentives (SPIFFs)
  • MBOs and related bonuses
  • Organization-wide profit-sharing models
  • Cash- and Non-Cash-based: all plans
  • Percentage, flat rate, one-time and recurring commissions
  • Recoverable and non-recoverable draws
  • Accelerators, qualifiers, and caps
  • Lookback and pay-forward pay-outs
  • Charge-back and prior period adjustment accounting

In ongoing development and enhancement for over twenty years, StrategixEPM™ enables an unsurpassed
range of performance data, metrics, goals, objectives, targets, quotas, and related recognition and
incentive compensation reward methodologies. Key benefits include:
  • Fast implementation: based on over 400 pre-configured calculation algorithms.
  • More precise performance information: enterprise down to individuals.
  • Faster and more timely results: real-time, daily, weekly, month-end, period-end.
  • Unparalleled host and core source system data integration and consolidation.
  • Robust and flexible reporting and data export.
  • Highly cost-effective and easy-to-use: enterprise-wide browser-based application.
  • Available via SaaS, Hosted, Full-Service Outsource, or End-User License.

StrategixEPM™ key capabilities include:
  • Web browser-enabled user access and reporting.
  • User-defined rules-based configuration: manages multiple complex organizational hierarchies, multiple lines of business, multiple service workflows, and multiple distribution and service channels.
  • Infinite range and number of incentive/recognition/reward plans: for individual, customer, partner, team/group, region/market, territory, line-of-business, and enterprise; for sales and any other transaction types; for service, event and process, front and back-office, executive and staff.
  • Delivers dynamic role-based on-line reporting: dashboards, performance scorecards, ranking lists, trends reports, detail summaries, drill-downs, roll-ups, data exports, and more.
  • Robust user security role definition to manage system and data access.
  • Comprehensive workforce, business unit, and customer profiles for full performance management.
  • Real-time on-line data input and editing of performance source data.
  • Real-time enterprise-wide performance results roll-up and drill-down.
  • Multi-currency, multi-language enabled.

StrategixEPM™ is an unparalleled engine for cost-effectively automating incentives and delivering on-line workforce,
business unit, customer and partner performance reporting enterprise-wide. StrategixEPM™ is the only solution worldwide
to be provided in multiple deployment platforms, with a solution for every need and every budget:

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