Strategix Private Label Program
The Synergy of Your Expertise and Ours
…Enable Your Clients to Improve Results and Achieve Their Goals

Are you a market vertical or segment expert, who needs an extraordinarily powerful, infinitely flexible incentive/ commission compensation plan automation and scorecarding solution to call your own, without the twenty-plus years of application development and related investments?

If so, the innovative and unique Strategix Private Label Program enables you to private-brand ("white-label") one of the most powerful, stable and reliable workforce performance management and variable incentive compensation automation systems in the business: StrategixEPM. Then, offer and provide the solution to your clients as a performance-improving, revenue-generating service.

Strategix Performance is an unparalleled expert in performance management and incentive automation systems and services, and also in selected industry verticals. Yet there are many experts in other market segments with unique and specialized expertise and experience no SPM / ICM vendor could ever match. The Strategix Private Label Program enables a unique “Collaboration of Experts”.

StrategixEPM™ can be configured to any business or organizational environment, for any performance measurement and improvement initiative. Private labeling is a substantial opportunity for providers of:
  • Core, platform and POS systems;
  • ERP and SCM systems
  • CRM, SFA, ECM and marketing automation systems
  • Accounting and financial solutions and services
  • Customer service and relationship management systems
  • Workflow, process and shop management solutions
  • Business intelligence solutions
  • HRIS and payroll systems
  • Talent and workforce management systems
  • Equity compensation management systems
  • Professional employer organizations (PEOs)
  • Other transaction and analytical systems
And, professional expert advisors including:
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Leadership and organization development counselors
  • Strategy execution consultants
  • Sales and service management consultants
  • Human capital and performance management consultants
  • Incentive compensation design firms
  • Executive compensation consultants
  • Industry/vertical specialist consultants
  • Systems integrators
  • Training companies
  • Franchising organizations

Strategix can further leverage delivery and ongoing support services through its experienced Full-Service Outsourcing, Managed Services and Hosted (SaaS) Services deployment options. We can provide any degree of behind-the-scenes system and application management, and front-office customer service support and infrastructure our Private Label partners require, minimizing any up-front ongoing operating overhead they might otherwise have.

Because of the extraordinary flexibility of the StrategixEPM™ System, and its very fast implementation timelines, the clients of our Private Label partners can have one or many of even the most complex employee incentive plans fully-automated. StrategixEPM™ consolidates all source data, enables intranet access to that source data for auditing and dispute resolution, processes all incentive calculations, generates employee- and business unit-specific on-screen scorecard, ranking and audit reports, and then generates payroll and HRIS system extracts.

For information on The Strategix Private Label Program, contact us.
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