Referral Performance & Incentive Management
Identify Opportunities. Execute On Sales. Expand Relationships.

One of the essential elements of successful Customer Service and Cross-Selling is for geographically dispersed,
multi-line of business organizations to enable true enterprise-wide cross-functional product and service referrals.

The StrategixEPMReferral Manager™ solution is a fully-automated browser-based customer/prospect referral
creation, delivery, tracking, sales-matching and reporting system. Organizations can easily and cost-effectively
automate their entire cross-enterprise referral process, resulting in reduced paper flow, faster sales, more satisfied
and loyal customers, and ultimately more profitable customer relationships.

"In just the first thirty days of using Referral Manager™, we boosted qualified referrals by over 50%. We now have hundreds of new 'warm' leads we didn't have before. And, our existing customers are much happier with our faster and more thorough responsiveness."
EVP Branch & Sales Administration
Commercial Bank

Two Referral Managerâ„¢ options are available: one oriented to pure notification and Send/Receive tracking, the second oriented more broadly to work-queue/workflow tracking, including multi-recipient routing/distribution, user-defined attached forms and documents, and defined resolutions/outcomes. Referral Managerâ„¢ enables:
  • An infinite range of referral types, organization/business units, participants, customers, and channel partners.
  • Pre-defined recipients for every referral type, with routing and history tracking.
  • Referral type Lifespan definition: for opportunity prioritization and escalation.
  • Referral source definition: for marketing program cross-integration.
  • Referral status management: for opportunity pipeline management.
  • Comprehensive Sender/Receiver and Management-level tracking and reporting.
  • Automatic duplication trapping to eliminate redundant or conflicting referrals.
  • Full history-tracking and cross-referencing to comprehensive Customer Profiles.
  • Referral-based KPIs and incentives/rewards: for participants, customers, and channel partners.
  • Robust user-security definition.
  • E-mail and text message alerts to off-line Referral recipients.

Referral Manager™ quickly and easily enables the enterprise-wide creation of specific intra- and inter-unit product
and service referral opportunities. Selection options are user-defined to optimize the speed, accuracy, and ease
of input... and referral receipt is real-time.

All referrals created within Referral Managerâ„¢ are cross-referenced by Sender, Receiver, Business Unit, Client, Type,
Date/Time, and Status, enabling an unlimited capacity to define and monitor your entire referral management process.
Search-based Referral Status Management capabilities enables both senders and recipients of Referrals to track
and manage their status to ensure timely response to customer product interest requests. Users can "drill-down" from
color-coded summary search lists to specific Referral profiles.

Referral Manager's™ full integration with the System's Performance Management capabilities means that all referral
activities and results are tracked, reported, managed and incented.

Strategix Referral Manager™ is an unparalleled world-class solution for Referral Management: the first solution of its kind in the world. Over a decade-and-a-half history, millions of referrals have been created and tracked with Referral Manager™, at hundreds of thousands of sites, at hundreds of enterprises.

For additional information, or to schedule a Referral Manager™ demonstration, please contact us.
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