Security-enabled On-demand Enterprise-wide Reporting & Data Export

StrategixEPM™ is a fully browser-based capability for on-demand query, generation and on-screen viewing of performance and variable compensation reporting for: sales, revenue, referrals, service, relationship portfolios, profitability, equity, merit, quality, accuracy, revenue production, and productivity:
  • Browser-based access to reporting accelerates delivery and usage of critical performance information for goal-setting, coaching, recognition, sales, and service management.
  • Every participant, every office/department/team, and every business unit has their own unique customized Performance Scorecard / Incentive Earnings Summary: unparalleled power for performance management.
  • Provides a full roll-up and drill-down performance reporting capability that enables access to results at all organizational levels from individual participant up to enterprise-wide.

Real-Time On-Demand Reporting

Each of StrategixEPM's™ wide range of on-line Reports possess unique and powerful user-defined report parameters, enabling flexible and dynamic on-screen performance report generation, real-time, linked to your enterprise's first- and second-party source/core data systems.

Linking to user core/host source data systems and other StrategixEPM™ modules, organizations can easily
establish and manage comprehensive participant, unit and enterprise-wide performance goals, and fully integrate multiple performance reward and variable compensation programs tied directly to mission-critical objectives.

Infinite Reporting Options

StrategixEPM™ enables users to pre-define an unlimited range of report templates, nests those templates within a robust Security framework, and view on-screen and publish resulting parameter-driven reports in the industry standard Adobe Acrobat Reader® "PDF" format. Dozens of standard templates are included:
  • Incentive Plan Earnings Summary Reports
  • Performance Scorecards & Dashboards
  • Summary Reports & Dashboards
  • Ranking Reports & Dashboards
  • Trend Reports & Dashboards
  • Audit List & Log Reports
  • Validation, Administration & Documentation Reports

Data Extract & Custom Reporting

StrategixEPM™ enables users to easily extract and export data for use in external payroll systems, business intelligence software, spreadsheets, and databases. This empowers the creation of custom reports tailored to any end-user requirement.

Role-Based Security & Report History

Superior to inflexible and non-secure "personal web pages" for performance reporting, StrategixEPM™ rigorously manages report access through its unrivaled User Security Role definition capability (to manage access to sensitive report information throughout the user's custom-defined hierarchy), yet makes it easy to administrate through dynamic organization, participant and report hierarchy management. And, the System maintains a user-defined rolling Report History of requested reports to accelerate access to frequently utilized performance and analysis results.

My Reports, Batches & Distribution Lists

Reporting should be easy, and powerful. StrategixEPM™ enables the automated generation of reports and data extracts through one-time user-definition of selected report templates and parameters in My Reports: define a unique set of report criteria, then save and name the report for unlimited click-once-and-run reporting. Group one-to-many My Reports in My Batches, for unlimited click-once and run all Batch reports. Create one-to-many My Distribution Lists of co-workers for automatic distribution and sharing of any Reports and Batches. StrategixEPM™ enables both powerful reporting, and robust report administration and distribution.

With these capabilities, sales and relationship managers can track activities, efforts and results real-time, not just after-the-fact: dramatically accelerating sales and service response times, customer satisfaction, and workforce member success.

For a demonstration of StrategixEPM™ Reporting capabilities, please contact us.
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