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A reality of relationship management is that Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty depends much less on initial sales, and far more on Ongoing Service. Yet, for many organizations, service response and problem resolution is fragmented, slow, and non-responsive, resulting in the accelerated loss of the most valuable relationships. The StrategixEPM Service Manager solution is a fully automated browser-based customer complaint and problem resolution system.

StrategixEPMService Manager enables users enterprise-wide to capture, route, track and measure resolution of customer service problems and requests: front-office to back-office, and across lines of business. With Service Manager, organizations can universally and cost-effectively enable the customer service and relationship management process, resulting in immediate identification of emerging service problems, improved and more timely service delivery, more satisfied customers, and more profitable relationships.

"Now, customer service personnel in all of our lines of business across the enterprise provide truly integrated real-time service issue resolution with Service Manager™, even though they operate on different core platforms, widely dispersed geographically across the world."
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Service Manager™ automates work-queue/workflow tracking, including multi-recipient routing/distribution, user-defined attached forms and documents, defined resolutions/outcomes, and:
  • An infinite range of service issue types, organization/business units, participants, customers, and partners.
  • Pre-defined recipients for every service issue type, with routing and history tracking.
  • Service type Lifespan definition: for resolution prioritization and escalation.
  • Service type source definition: for business process or system problem recognition.
  • Issue status management: for workflow pipeline management.
  • Comprehensive Sender/Receiver and Management-level tracking and reporting.
  • Automatic duplication trapping to eliminate redundant or conflicting service issues.
  • Full history-tracking and cross-referencing to comprehensive Customer Account Profiles.
  • Service-based KPIs and incentives/rewards: for participants, customers, and channel partners.
  • Robust user-security definition.
  • E-mail and text message alerts to off-line Service Issue recipients and customer relationship managers.

Service process managers, as well as assigned customer relationship officers, can track and manage the history of service requests, to monitor timely and complete resolution, identify new sales opportunities, and ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

All lines of business in a diverse enterprise, in both front-office and back-office functions, can capture, route for resolution, and Resolve Customer Complaints and Service Requests...and receipt is real-time.

Integrating with StrategixEPM's™ Incentive Automation capabilities, managers can then define and implement service-resolution-based performance management and incentive programs.

Strategix Service Manager™ is an unparalleled world-class solution for Service Resolution Management: one of the first solutions of its kind in the world. Over a decade-and-a-half history, millions of service requests have been created and resolved with Service Manager™, at hundreds of thousands of sites, at hundreds of enterprises.

For additional information, or to schedule a Service Manager™ demonstration, please contact us.
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