User Training
Align Process & Technology To Optimize Performance

Sales and performance management and variable incentive compensation (SPM / ICM) technologies “work” when
they make the workforce performance process faster, more accurate, and enable participants to meet and exceed
performance objectives; when users know how to use it effectively, and get the outcomes they need to succeed.

SPM / ICM processes are effective and valuable when they align with all workforce performance management
initiatives, motivate and support desired performance outcomes without disrupting others, and fully integrate
with enabling technologies.

Strategix User Training addresses both Process and Technology demands, providing training for:
  • End-user participants
  • Management/executive/leaders, and
  • System administrators and analysts.
  • For incentive compensation management business processes, and
  • Software system user functionality.
  • In direct train-the-user, and/or
  • Train-the-trainer scenarios.
  • On-client site, on-Strategix-site, and/or client-defined off-site.
  • With full integration of on-line training resources from Strategix system screens.

User training is built around either, or both, use of Strategix variable incentive compensation management solutions or general employee performance management business processes, including optimal compensation management strategies across all business functions.

Strategix training experts have over one hundred years of combined field-proven experience, across an unparalleled range of incentive compensation automation and employee performance management initiatives.

For information on Strategix User Training services, or Training Schedule, contact us.
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