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Organizations select Strategix to be their performance incentive, commission and variable compensation automation partner because of our unparalleled record of Experience, Expertise, Innovation, and success. Even with the most complex plans: What we do, works.

For over a quarter century, Strategix has served thousands of business units across hundreds of organizations, implemented over three thousand variable compensation plans with over 30,000 different performance scorecards, enabling millions of participant payees to achieve success.

Strategix Performance is a true founding innovator in—and longest serving provider of—Sales Performance (SPM), Variable Compensation (VCM), and Enterprise Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) automation solutions and implementation services.
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…most extensive history in the sales incentive compensation applications… - IDC
When your organization is seeking to improve performance, execute strategies, achieve goals, and boost ROI, experience matters. With high expectations, in uncertain times, more than ever. For over twenty-five years, longer than any other provider, Strategix Performance has served thousands of business units across hundreds of organizations, designed and implemented over three thousand business and employee performance improvement plans, and provided its powerful capabilities to over a million end-user participants.

Collaborating closely with clients over the years has produced unrivaled business process and software technology solutions for automated Sales Performance and Compensation Management (SPM / SCM), Employee Incentive Compensation Management (ICM), and Business Activity Management (BAM). Strategix experience means you’ll invest your valuable time and resources on processes and technologies that have proven their success in the real world.

…a pioneer in providing solutions for EIM since 1983…    - Tower Group
Over the years many software and consulting providers haven’t remained in business long enough to experience the consequences and 'fall-out' of their solutions. And, with current economic conditions, it's happening again. At Strategix, based on strong and stable long-term working partnerships with our clients, both parties have unparalleled knowledge of “what works, and what doesn’t” in Employee Performance Management and Incentive/Commission Compensation.

What doesn’t work is to automate 'plain vanilla' or 'one size fits all' incentive plans, or to use cumbersome, untimely and costly solutions to do so. In both cases, the result is performance plans that lack relevance to the workforce, and ultimately do not motivate intended results. What does work is to fully-automate the exact range and collection of pay-for-performance incentive, commission and bonus plans that you require to drive behavior to fulfill your objectives.

What doesn’t work is to deploy mission-critical software that isn’t truly aligned with what participant employees and managers do. What does work is to improve and enhance business processes, then implement process-enhancing technologies. Strategix expertise means you’ll benefit from the cumulative experience and innovation from thousands of incentive automation and employee performance improvement projects implemented over a twenty-five year-plus span.
has spent considerable time and effort to design and implement incentive compensation plans that effectively link corporate ROI with employee behaviors…    - Tower Group
Collaborating closely with its clients since 1983, Strategix has created an unparalleled range of Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) process and technology innovations. These innovations have enabled clients to dramatically improve strategy execution, increase sales, enhance customer relationship profitability and retention, reduce key employee turnover, shrink technology costs, accelerate goal achievement, and most importantly: improve ROI.

Instead of implementing costly immature and complex incentive automation applications, Strategix clients have rapidly deployed a cost-effective, fast-to-implement and easy-to-use solution that accelerate results and ROI: the StrategixEPM™ system. Strategix innovation means practice-proven competitive advantage in “What” you do, and “How” you do it.

For additional information, to submit an RFP, or to schedule a demonstration, please e-mail your request to us at sales@strategixperformance.com
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